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BodyBlast Bootcamp

Reach Your Fitness Goals!

Our Bootcamp class focuses on strength  training and cardiovascular training to help you burn a HUGE amount of calories to assist you in losing weight, toning up your body and get in the best shape of your life!

Each BodyBlast Bootcamp class is designed to push you to your limits so you can achieve results FAST and reach your fitness goals!

Diverse Training!

Each class will have a different circuit of workouts doing high intensity intervals of cardio and strength training so that your body will continue to burn calories and tone up at its maximum capacity.


Our professional coaches lead you through workouts including body weight exercises, dumbbells, jump rope, resistance bands, kettle bells, medicine balls and more!

Workouts That Fit Your Busy Life!

Life is busy. We all have busy schedules that get in the way of our fitness goals. With our BodyBlast Bootcamp, you can get a fast, effective workout within 45 minutes where every muscle in your body is pushed to its limits. 

Our Bootcamp will ensure that you get the exercise you need while ensuring that you can fit it in your busy schedule!

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