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Our Instructor Team

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Martial Arts Harrisburg PA

Sifu Michael Turrentine



Michael Turrentine began training in Kung Fu when he was in his teens. He studied the art of Choy Lay Fut under Sifu John Wai at the John Wai Kung Fu Academy in Plantation, Florida. Under Sifu Wai, Michael received the highest quality training and work ethic. Michael continues to train and learn with Sifu Wai to this day. Michael has over 26 years of experience in training and teaching. Michael now passes that knowledge onto every one of his students. 


Michael began training in the late 1990s and has been training every day since. He never stops learning and so he has endless Kung Fu knowledge that he wants to share with his students. Michael is a Certified Black Belt in several styles of Martial Arts including Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, Karate, and has a certification with the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association and is also a Certified Boxing Instructor with the International Boxing Association.


His goal for every class is to not only teach his students exemplary kung fu but to provide them with the discipline to be an excellent learner, the strength to overcome any obstacle, and the courage to overcome any fear. Teaching his Kung Fu in Harrisburg, PA, he longs to improve the lives of all in his community. 


With Michael's high energy classes every student can achieve a high fitness level while having fun in the process. Michael takes part in teaching every class at Tiger's Kung Fu Academy. 

Michael and his wife, Angel, own and operate Tiger's Kung Fu Academy. Michael instructs in all classes at Tiger's Kung Fu Academy.


Sijae Angel Turrentine

Angel has been training and teaching for over 17 years in many different aspects of fitness and Martial Arts training and instruction. Angel represents the hardest work ethic in the martial arts world and has quickly become an inspiration to all of our kung fu and kickboxing students through her unmatched dedication, her willingness to learn and grow her skills. That work ethic has been translated seamlessly into becoming an exemplary instructor for all of our students to learn from. 


Angel puts everything she has into every punch, every kick and into teaching every class and helping every student become better. Angel empowers all students in our classes and especially our young Kung Fu girls and our kickboxing women. Angel is a Certified Black Belt and Instructor in Kung Fu as well as a Certified Boxing Instructor with the International Boxing Association.

Angel and her husband, Michael, own and operate Tiger's Kung Fu Academy. Angel instructs in all classes at Tiger's Kung Fu Academy.

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