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Kung Fu Classes

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Martial Arts Harrisburg PA

Lil' Tigers!!! (Ages 3-5)


The true beginning of Kung Fu training starts here! In our Lil' Tigers class, our students are taught the beginning fundamentals of martial arts training. Lil' Tigers classes focus on students learning basic punches and kicks, simple and effective blocks, discipline, focus, coordination, and most of all, fun! Through the use of obstacle courses and games, our Lil' Tigers learn about friendship, teamwork, and awesome Kung Fu all at once! Our Lil' Tigers class specializes in teaching our students how to control their emotions as these little ones are continuing to grow.


Kung Fu, discipline, and FUN?! You can't go wrong!


Tiger Cubs!!! (Ages 6-8)


Our children are at an age where they begin to develop into the people they are going to be later in life. Our Tiger Cubs are not only taught the beginnings of becoming marital artists but are taught life lessons that will help mold them into strong and confident individuals. These lessons will stay with them for a lifetime.


Our Tiger Cubs class focuses on teaching our children discipline, confidence, focus, coordination, leadership, bully prevention, and teamwork. The skills learned in class will not only develop their martial arts skills but will assist them in being better students at school and life. 


Karate Harrisburg PA
Traditional Kung Fu!!! (Ages 9-17)


For Students all the way up to age 100! In the Traditional Kung Fu class, students learn the foundations of good Kung Fu. Through punches, kicks, blocks, takedowns, joint locks, stance training, strength and flexibility practice, and forms training, the Traditional Kung Fu class will push your limits. Our Traditional Kung Fu Class will help you achieve a higher level of fitness, so that you can get in the best shape of your life! 


Through the study of Kung Fu hand forms and weapon forms, our students learn the rich history of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu.  Learning Kung Fu will become a love that will last a lifetime.


For adults who are interested in learning both the artistic side and combative side of Martial Arts, our Adult Kung Fu class is the perfect class for you. For both beginners and more advanced students, you will learn to the art of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu passed down generations for over 200 years. We explore the deep roots of Choy Lay Fut through forms practice as well as self defense techniques of the art as well as modernized self defense that applies to everyday circumstances where you may need to protect your self. Start your Adult Kung Fu journey with us today!

Adult Kung Fu (Ages 18+)

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