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Women's Self Defense

Womens Self Defense Harrisburg Pa

*Featured on the hit show

"90 Day Fiancé"*

Why Do Women Need To Learn Self Defense?


We live in a time where we all need to know how to defend ourselves at any given moment. There's not a single day on the news where you do not hear about someone being assaulted or even worse. The harsh reality is that it could happen to any of us.

Women are especially vulnerable because the general public assumes that women and girls are easy and weak targets. Our goal is to make sure the women in our class will never be an easy target and will have the confidence and skill to defend themselves in any hostile situation.


What Will I Learn In Women's Self Defense Class?


Our class will go over effective striking techniques that will work against someone of any size or strength. We will teach defense against all kinds grabbing and holding. You will learn essential 

weapons defense, such as defense against knives, bats, and guns. You will learn throwing and ground grappling techniques, as well as joint locks and takedowns. 

Our goal is to take the power away from any potential attacker and give you your power back. With our Women's Self Defense Class, you will have the power and the confidence that you will be able to protect yourself in any hostile situation!

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