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Sparring & Self Defense! (Ages 8+)


For Adults and Kids alike, experience hand to hand combat training that will prepare you for any dangerous situation life might throw at you. Learn how to defend yourself against any type of attack in our sparring and self defense class. 

What Will I Learn In Sparring & Self Defense?


We teach our students to defend themselves in any situation and against any attack. From punches and kicks, to elbow and knees, to takedowns, joint locks and grappling, and weapons defense against bat, knife and gun defense, we've got you covered! Our students experience free fighting that is as close as you can get to actual combat. 


In our Sparring and Self Defense class, you will gain the experience and knowledge to understand exactly what to do if you are ever attacked and you will gain the confidence and skills to ensure that you will remain safe.

Get Started Today For Only $19.99!


Whether you are a beginner or are experienced in Sparring and Self Defense, our class will be the perfect addition to your training. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will become more proficient at protecting yourself in actual combat. Try out 4 of our Sparring & Self Defense classes for only $19.99!

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